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Month: July 2023

This Filter-Feeding Shark Is Not Cold-Blooded, And It’s Confusing Scientists

Scientists have discovered an exceptional case of a partially warm-blooded fish, fundamentally changing our understanding of fish physiology.

Radical ways to fix the Earth: are they magic bullets or just band-aids?

Technologies like geoengineering may tackle global warming – but first we need to ditch fossil fuels for renewable energy

Lone baboon fights 20 wild dogs all by itself. Watch

A video of a lone baboon fighting with a pack of wild dogs was posted on Facebook. The video is fascinating to watch.

As Planet Burns, Shell Reports $5 Billion in Profits and Plans to Ramp Up Fossil Fuels

“Every house burnt to the ground, every town forced to evacuate, every ecosystem lost to a wildfire is a necessary consequence of a business model like Shell’s.”

AI Eyes on the Sky: Counting Africa’s Largest Bat Colony

Each year, a small forest in Zambia transforms into the site of one of the planet’s most astounding natural events. In November, the straw-colored fruit bats undertake a migration from various parts of Africa to a specific cluster of trees in Kasanka National Park.

Saguaro cacti collapsing in Arizona extreme heat, scientist says

Arizona’s saguaro cacti, a symbol of the U.S. West, are leaning, losing arms and in some cases falling over during the state’s record streak of extreme heat, a scientist said on Tuesday.

Sea turtles have 3000-year-old routines

You might think you’re a creature of habit—but sea turtles have you beat. Green sea turtles in the Mediterranean Sea visit the same areas of seagrass meadows today that they did 3000 years ago.

Florida ocean records ‘unprecedented’ temperatures similar to a hot tub

The surface ocean temperature around the Florida Keys soared to 101.19F (38.43C) this week, in what could be a global record as ocean heat around the state reaches unprecedented extremes.

This baby rhino has to be the noisiest eater in the world

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary closed on Sunday with the cutest video, dubbing a baby rhino as the noisiest eater in the world.

Fish Near Fukushima Contained Radioactive Cesium 180 Times Over Japan’s Limit

With the Tokyo Electric Power Company planning to begin a release of 1.3 million tonnes of treated wastewater from the former Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan next month, reports of radioactive fish in the area have raised alarm

Tourism boost for local communities as Big Five introduced in KZN reserve

The Babanango Game Reserve has been rewilding the area, with lions recently added to the mix after over a century.

Antarctic sea ice levels dive in ‘five-sigma event’, as experts flag worsening consequences for planet

Antarctic sea ice has usually been able to recover in winter. But this year, sea ice has not returned to expected levels during winter