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‘Leave the gold in the ground’: Ecuador’s forest guardians mobilise against illegal mining in Amazon

The search for the precious metal has extended into the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

UK backs suspension of deep-sea mining in environmental U-turn

Britain is backing a moratorium on commercial deep-sea mining, after criticism from scientists, MPs and environmentalists of its previous stance in support of the emerging industry.

‘Electrowinning’ could help win the race to clean up dirty steel

Startup Electra wants to replace blast furnaces with battery-like systems that use acid solution and clean electricity to pull pure iron out of low-grade steel ores.

‘Great news’: EU hails discovery of massive phosphate rock deposit in Norway

A massive underground deposit of high-grade phosphate rock in Norway, pitched as the world’s largest, is big enough to satisfy world demand for fertilisers, solar panels and electric car batteries over the next 100 years

Deep-sea mining for rare metals will destroy ecosystems, say scientists

An investigation by conservationists has found evidence that deep-seabed mining of rare minerals could cause “extensive and irreversible” damage to the planet.

EPA blocks Alaska Pebble Mine in salmon-rich Bristol Bay region

The Environmental Protection Agency has blocked development of the Pebble Mine project in a corner of the Bristol Bay watershed.

Chile sinks controversial mining project over environmental concerns

Chile’s government on Wednesday torpedoed a controversial billion-dollar mining project due to be built near a nature reserve that is home to a rare species of penguin.

Hunt for deep sea minerals draws scrutiny amid green push

High demand for metals ranging from copper to cobalt is pushing the mining industry to explore the world’s deepest oceans

4 Countries Harbor 80% of the World’s Deforestation Caused by Industrial Mining

While more than 70 percent of deforestation worldwide is linked to agriculture, this isn’t the only threat faced by the world’s tropical forests. Another threat is industrial mining

The tide is rising against deep sea mining

Pacific nations are leading the campaign to protect the seas

U.S. to spend $725 mln this year on abandoned coal mine cleanup

The Biden administration on Monday said $725 million in federal funds would be available to states this year to clean up abandoned coal mines.

Serbia suspends lithium mine plans after protests

Local authorities in western Serbia on Thursday suspended a plan that would allow mining giant Rio Tinto to operate a lithium mine, following protests by environmentalists that shook the country’s populist leadership.