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Month: December 2021

Ocean Heating This Century Could Create Hurricane Conditions Unseen in 3 Million Years

The study’s authors say the likelihood of higher-latitude tropical storms fueled by human-caused global heating “poses profound risks to the planet’s most populous regions.”

Shark fishing in Hawaii will be banned beginning New Year’s Day 2022

The act of knowingly capturing, entangling or killing any shark species in Hawaii will be banned beginning Saturday, Jan 1, 2022, which is detailed in Act 51 (House Bill 533).

Campaigners force Shell to halt oil exploration on South African coast

Court instructs company to stop tests along Wild Coast after concerns raised about wildlife and lack of consultation

Climate Chaos: What to Learn From 2021

This year we saw some of the consequences of the climate crisis devastating rich countries in the Northern Hemisphere. This didn’t lead to any political changes, though.

Meet the South African teenager capturing award-winning wildlife images

If you were to ask a photographer the recipe for the perfect shot, you’ll likely get a list of ingredients that include time of day, lighting, framing and a dash of luck. South African wildlife photographer Skye Meaker sees things differently.

Chile miners brace as president elect signals environmental crackdown

Chile’s mining sector is bracing for tighter environmental rules ahead after President-elect Gabriel Boric pledged to oppose a controversial $2.5 billion iron-copper mine that was approved in August after years of legal wrangling.

proposed $1.5bn Australian coalmine site home to over a dozen threatened species

Development would have to fit within the mining giant’s pledge to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

New York hopes to avoid the worst of climate change with their resiliency plan

One of the most populated cities in the US is preparing for what may now be inevitable: submersion. New York city has started a huge climate resiliency project to try and avoid the mistakes of the past and protect itself against the extreme weather of the future.

Serbia suspends lithium mine plans after protests

Local authorities in western Serbia on Thursday suspended a plan that would allow mining giant Rio Tinto to operate a lithium mine, following protests by environmentalists that shook the country’s populist leadership.

Germany’s new government is pouring 60 billion euros into combatting climate change

The German government has injected 60 billion euros into fighting the climate crisis.

The investment is part of a new supplementary budget to “supercharge” the country’s climate and transformation fund and encourage a shift towards a green economy, say officials.

Arctic heat record is like Mediterranean, says UN

The highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic, 38C (100F), has been officially confirmed, sounding “alarm bells” over Earth’s changing climate.

Solar Farms Could Boost Bumblebee Populations, Study Says

A new study finds that installing solar farms could become a two birds, one stone situation, as these areas can also double as thriving pollinator habitats if land owners allow meadows to grow around the solar panels.