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Month: February 2024

Farmers stage mass protest outside Welsh parliament over climate policies

Thousands of farmers have staged a demonstration on the steps of the Welsh parliament to protest against climate policies that they say will wreck their industry.

Campaigners Applaud UK Exit From ‘Climate-Wrecking’ Energy Charter Treaty

“The Energy Charter Treaty was a major barrier to the progress of a just transition,” said one climate action group.

38,000 Sandhill Cranes Flock to Nebraska in a Record-Breaking Start to Spring Migration

A record number of sandhill cranes arrived in central Nebraska during the first week of their annual spring migration, likely lured by mild winter temperatures.

Another Climate Impact Hits the Public’s Radar: A Wetter World Is Mudslide City

L.A. saw 592 mudslides in one week, a reminder that excessive precipitation events set off more than flooding.

Bleaching fears along 1,000km stretch of the Great Barrier Reef

Scientists are reporting corals are bleaching white and dying from rising ocean temperatures across a more than 1,000km stretch of the Great Barrier Reef.

Why are fish getting smaller due to climate change?

Fish around the world are shrinking due to climate change, and no-one is entirely sure why.

It’s not just rising sea levels – the land major cities are built on is actually sinking, NASA images show

Rising sea levels are threatening the East Coast of the U.S., but that’s not the only thing to worry about, according to NASA.

Ridding Macquarie Island of pests pays off as seabirds come back from the brink – but recovery has just begun

One of the largest publicly funded conservation investments in history is starting to pay off on Macquarie Island.

‘This is weird’: Experts ‘shocked’ by record-breaking longevity of Death Valley’s phantom lake

A temporary lake at Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park has persisted for more than six months, which is far longer than it has lasted before.

UK hedgehog sightings on the rise after years of decline, survey finds

Hedgehogs have had some unexpected good news after years of decline in British gardens caused by habitat loss and fragmentation: their numbers may finally be on the way up again.

Ocean-based viruses discovered that trap carbon and combat climate change

In an era where the threat of climate change and carbon emissions loom larger by the day, scientists are delving into the world’s oceans, armed with an extensive catalog of hundreds of thousands of DNA and RNA virus species.

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Florida coral reef still struggling after 2023 heat wave

Coral reefs off the Florida Keys islands are struggling to recover from last summer’s record-breaking heat wave, new data showed Thursday, in another sign of the devastating impacts of human-caused climate change.