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Tesla Megapack battery turns on to replace Hawaii’s last coal plant

A Tesla Megapack battery system has officially turned on to replace Hawaii’s very last coal power plant.

Historic Effort To Save Hawaii Forest Birds With ‘Mosquito Birth Control’ Hurtles Forward

The world’s first attempt at landscape-scale mosquito control for conservation holds promising health benefits for people too.

Hawaii whale dies with fishing nets, plastic bags in stomach

A whale that washed ashore in Hawaii over the weekend likely died in part because it ate large volumes of fishing traps, fishing nets, plastic bags and other marine debris, scientists said Thursday.

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, The World’s Largest Volcano, Is Starting To Rumble

Mauna Loa last erupted in 1984 and last year it started to wake up again with dozens of small magnitude earthquakes.

Will Hawaii’s Spinner Dolphins Finally Get A Rest From The Crowds?

NOAA officials said they hope to finally issue a new rule this summer that bars anyone from approaching within 50 yards of the dolphins.

Groups sue over Maui resort lights that disorient seabirds

Bright lights at a luxury Hawaii resort are killing endangered seabirds, according to a lawsuit filed Monday by conservation groups that say hotel officials need to do more to protect the species.

Searching for the Future of Sunscreen

Scientists are sourcing new ultraviolet ray–blocking compounds from algae, seaweed, cyanobacteria, and other marine creatures with the hope of designing a more environmentally friendly sunscreen.

Shark fishing in Hawaii will be banned beginning New Year’s Day 2022

The act of knowingly capturing, entangling or killing any shark species in Hawaii will be banned beginning Saturday, Jan 1, 2022, which is detailed in Act 51 (House Bill 533).