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Extreme heat forces school closures across Asia, affecting millions of students

Experts say rising temperatures and the resulting disruptions threaten to widen the learning gaps between developing and developed countries.

Global Heat Record for September ‘Shattered’ by Wide Margin

Earth’s average temperature has “shattered” the previous record for September by more than 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit, the biggest monthly margin ever recorded.

Day of 40C shocks scientists as UK heat record ‘absolutely obliterated’

Experts worried that extreme heatwaves in Europe happening quicker than expected, suggesting climate crisis worse than feared

Humans can’t endure temperatures and humidities as high as previously thought

As climate change nudges the global temperature higher, there is rising interest in the maximum environmental conditions like heat and humidity to which humans can adapt.

Over a third of US population urged to stay indoors amid record-breaking heat

More than 125 million people under heat alerts as record high temperatures set throughout US, particularly in the south-west