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These Maasai women have developed an eco-friendly way to turn invasive cacti into bio-fuel

Local farmers say the cacti now compete for critical resources, jeopardising community lands, wildlife reserves and livestock ranches.

‘It’s skyrocketing’: surge in human-wildlife conflict threatens Kenya’s elephants

Clashes exacerbated by proliferation of agriculture businesses growing export crops such as avocados for the west and China

Two per cent of the world’s rarest zebras wiped out in Kenya’s relentless drought

A grueling two-year drought in Kenya has wiped out two per cent of the world’s rarest zebra species and increased elephant deaths as well.

To Combat Coral Bleaching, Kenya turns to Reef Nurseries

“We use coral fragments collected from wild populations to establish the nurseries,” said diver Yatin Patel, before slipping into the turquoise waters.

Innovative Project Is Growing Crops Beneath Solar Panels in Kenya

Scientists working in Kenya are trialing an innovative way to “harvest the sun twice.”